Types of Computer Technicians

A lot of things can go wrong with a computer system because of the different components and software that work together for it to function. If there is a problem with the system, it is wise to seek the help of a computer technician to address the issue. There are different types of technicians and they differ in their skillset. Knowing their differences will help understand which type to hire for your computer concern.

Retail Store Technicians

These workers are usually found in stores that sells computer systems. They will be able to assist you in installing the software or operating system on the computer that you purchase in their shop. Oftentimes, their assistance is included in the after-purchase services that comes with the computer. If the device is past its warranty date or not purchased in the store, they charge a relatively small price for their services.

Types of Computer Technicians

Because of their relatively new experience, they can only do basic repairs in situations like virus infection, data corruption and other software problems. One thing that they would recommend you to do is to perform a reset which usually resolves the problem but also removes all the content of the computer.

Independent Contractors

These are the ones who run their own repair company and usually do home services. These individuals may have started as a retail store technician and decided to operate a repair company on their own. They can be found advertising the services that they offer in websites such as craigslist. The price that they charge varies depending on their reputation as a technician and on the type of the problem that you have.

The thing with these contractors is you will never know if they will be able to help you unless you hire them first. You can talk to them about their abilities as a technician prior to hiring them, but they may lie about their credentials in order to get the job. Some of them may have degrees but there are others who may just use the internet in searching for the solution to your problems. There is a possibility that they will take a long time to fix the problem because of a lack of understanding of what is going on. It is advisable to read feedbacks by previous customers before getting their services.

Professional Computer Technicians

The technicians that fall under this type are able to help you with your computer concerns and they can be found in reputable computer repair companies. Since everyone in the company has their own expertise, they work alongside each other in order to address the concern appropriately.

One true benefit of hiring a professional technician is their ability to suggest new ways to improve your system instead of just fixing them. They tend to apply methods to ensure that you will not experience the same problem again. Although they fetch the highest price among the 3, the service that they deliver is incomparable and will truly give you peace of mind.